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What we produce?

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Modern railings
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Perfect coverage by powder lacquer
Top or front montage
Square hollow or round pipe sections
Horizontal or irregular crossbar

Modern railings are made of black steel, the frames and posts are most often made from 40x40 mmm profile. The filling of ready-to-sale products consists mainly of 10 mm bar, thinner profile (e.g. 20x20 mm), or arranged horizontally flat bar, or asymmetrically/alternately.

This modern effect is perfect solution in loft interior and is perfect product for demanding customer. Additionally powder lacquering contusion make high resistance to mechanical damage and improves product quality due uniform by lacquer coverage.

We montage in
an entire Europe and Poland

PRICE OF interior railings

Every our orders are treated on an individual basis, according to customer needs. We take care of satisfaction and customers wallet, coming up with optimal proposals and our project are characterized by the highest quality while maintaining competitive prices!


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